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A24 Media

A24 Media is the first Pan-African online agency to sell Video, Pictures and Text to the world and Camerapix, with more than 40 years of experience, is Africa’s longest running independent media company.

Our objective is to tell the world and maintain our position as the number one source for high quality content on African issues for both local and global audience.


Association for Progressive Communications

For those of us who have access to it, the internet has become an essential part of our daily information and communication needs. However millions of people still do not have affordable, reliable or sufficient connectivity. APC believes the internet is a global public good. Founded in 1990, we are an international network and non-profit organisation that wants everyone to have access to a free and open internet to improve our lives and create a more just world.


IFEX - Network of free expression groups that monitors violations worldwide. Issues alerts, publishes a weekly newsletter and hosts a searchable alerts online archive.

The Media Council of Tanzania (MCT)

The Media Council of Tanzania is an independent, voluntary non-statutory body with the objective of assisting and maintaining freedom of the media in the United Republic of Tanzania.

MCT was established on June 30th 1995 at the Journalists and stakeholders Convention held at the Korean Cultural Centre in Dar es Salaam. Its operations however did not start until May 22, 1997 when the Government registered it. It was inaugurated on August 16, 1997.

Maharat Foundation

Maharat Foundation is a Lebanese non-governmental organization founded in 2004.  It aims to achieve a freer journalism and a more democratic society by monitoring freedom of expression and its practices in Lebanon. Maharat Foundation advocates for the change of laws that limit the freedom of expression by promoting the media law reform. And get involved in the enhancement of media curricula, creating a network of young journalists who believe in FOE principles and who are willing to work on their dissemination through their media work and empowering them to benefit from modern concepts and technology. Maharat is member of IFEX.